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Gold and Silver are the perfect low risk, long-term retirement investment.
Financial professionals agree that asset diversification is essential for portfolio success. To reduce the risks of stocks, bonds and mutual fund investments, experts often advise clients to purchase precious metals.

Are You Prepared?
More than half of all Americans say they are not doing enough to prepare for retirement. When the financial crisis of 2008 wiped out retirement accounts across the country, people began to change the way they think about safe investing. Mutual funds, stocks and bonds may not be enough to diversify a portfolio in a world where such large systemic risks now loom.

Traditional Retirement Plans May Leave Investors Exposed
According to the Wall Street Journal, “The average person age 60-62 with a 401k account has less than one quarter of what is needed to maintain their standard of living.” Needless to say, most people simply cannot afford to lose much or all of their retirement in the event that there is a repeat of the recent financial crisis…or worse.

Decline of US Dollar Purchasing Power
They may say, “Cash is king”, but over the long haul it also leaves investors exposed. The US dollar itself has lost over 80% of its purchasing power over the last 40 years, and that was without the destructive effect of massive money printing efforts by Federal Reserve. Most people now realize that simply leaving money in dollar denominated assets can be nearly as destructive as simply lighting it on fire. Even if you’ve saved enough to retire on now, what will you need if the value of the dollar continues to slide and each one you have buys you much less?

Physical Ownership
No matter what type of metal; Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium you place in your IRA, those metals actually belong to you. You don’t simply own a piece of paper or an interest in some nebulous gold fund; you own a stack of actual physical metals stored on your behalf at an internationally recognized depository. Their value does not depend on any company avoiding bankruptcy. You don’t need an expert broker to buy and sell them. When time comes to take distribution, you can choose to have your coins physically shipped to you.

A Well Diversified Portfolio
While our experienced sales representatives can educate you about the advantages of precious metals ownership, we do not give investment or tax advice, so please consult your tax professional and or financial advisor before making changes to your retirement plan.


Gold is like no other precious metal. It has an inherent value that does not decrease over time—it has value forever. While gold and silver have a history of being used as money, gold differs from silver in a number of ways.

Gold is used far less than silver for industrial purposes, and it is less volatile. A gold investment is an excellent hedge for inflationary pressures, stock market declines as well as during times of economic and financial turmoil. It smooths the bumps of a roller coaster economy. While silver is better to own during bull markets, gold is a better investment during a bear market.

One of the biggest differences between gold and silver is that gold is owned by central banks. For instance, China continues to accumulate gold reserves, which has created a sort of floor on the gold price. While there is no guarantee that central banks around the world will continue buying gold reserves, China does seem to continue to be buying more on price dips.

Gold is a long-term storage repository of wealth. As part of a strategically diversified portfolio, investing in gold protects the wealth that you already have accumulated. While gold doesn’t create wealth, it becomes more valuable and scarce because it cannot be reproduced, which ideally means that its price is expected to rise in the future.

As a gold dealer, Gold Silver Group can assist you with all your options and in making your purchases.

  • Hedge Against Inflation

    Inflation does not reduce the value of gold, and historically, gold prices tend to increase alongside inflation. 
    Because gold prices have a tendency to adjust for inflation, it’s purchasing power is preserved so you can buy the same quality and quantity of goods that gold could purchase even centuries ago.

  • Portfolio Protection Through Diversification

    Due to economic uncertainty, markets are increasingly volatile and more risky making gold an essential investment for a strategically diversified portfolio. Diversifying with gold is the key to protecting your investment portfolio from volatility and declining markets.
    Even with its price fluctuations, gold a safe haven to protect your investment portfolio from the volatility of other markets and even total loss.

  • Inherent Value

    Interest bearing investments may appear to be inflation-proof, but they lack the inherent, or intrinsic, value of gold. Intrinsic value by definition means that an item has value forever, not for some time or just a long time. The intrinsic value remains relatively unchanged over time.
    Gold has consistently been a safe haven in times of economic and financial turmoil, especially in IRAs and 401(k) s. While gold and other precious metals are unlike other financial assets that may deliver a coupon or dividend, precious metals are distinctive because there is no default risk.


Strong Industrial Demand
Silver is extremely high in demand when it comes to industrial applications and has a number of useful properties. This makes it extremely profitable for industries and it is precisely the reason why you should consider investing in a Silver IRA. It is used in a number of industries for all kinds of purposes and is extremely critical in technology as well. Another great reason to invest in Silver IRA is that the silver reserves on earth are limited, so the supply of silver is fairly restricted, which has increased its global industrial demand.

The Global Demand
There is huge global demand for silver all around the world, and India and China have even acquired unprecedented amounts of silver in order to save it as a viable asset. Silver is available in China in banks, which encourages Chinese citizens to acquire or purchase silver bullion. The strong industrial demand for silver has turned this precious metal into one of the most popular investment vehicles around the globe today. There is massive global demand for silver, which is just another reason why it is a great option for you to invest in a Silver IRA.

Hedge Depreciation
Adding silver into an IRA or any financial portfolio will ensure that it acts as a hedge against the depreciation of paper assets. The silver in your IRA will protect your wealth against turbulent economies and inflation as well. In terms of currency, silver is known as the most genuine forms of existence and its value can’t be changed by any central government or bank.

It has a proven track record, which spans millenniums and still continues to perform in the turbulent economic conditions of today. This is why it is imperative that you convert a part of your IRA into a Silver IRA today.


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