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Fed tightening could lead to a dollar shortage and a new financial crisis

Is the Fed about to drag the world into another financial crisis? Trump’s election has filled the dollar’s sails with fresh winds. As Neil MacKinnon, economist with VTB Capital, says, “From the perspective of the financial markets, the immediate reaction to the outcome of last week’s election has been a stronger dollar due to expectations […]


How Silver Offers Wealth Preservation, and Why You Should Care

Silver is so much more than just a metal used in things like jewelry, silverware and teapots; it also has varied and sometimes surprising uses in everything from medical treatments and devices, to electronics we use regularly, to solar energy! All of those things are pretty great, but what is truly amazing about silver is the […]


The Devastating Economic Impact of a Hillary Clinton Presidency

As the US approaches a presidential election, many people are looking at the candidates and how they might affect the economy. Hillary Clinton, in particular, is creating some panic among investors. While she locks in the Democratic nomination, people question a Clinton presidency in regard to Wall Street regulations, taxes, trade and wages. Will she […]